How to Structure Your Essay Effectively

How to Create an Outline for Your Essay

Writing an essay might seem daunting because of the structure you use in your writing. An essay starts as an introduction. Like any other piece of writing, an essay has a body containing various paragraphs in addition to a conclusion. A framework of your essay gives your reader a better understanding of what to expect in the essay. This is because your audience will develop a particular standpoint based on the information you provide. Below is a step-by-step process on how to write your paper.

Topic and Thesis Statement

As a writer, you will have to develop a thesis statement for your essay. The objective is to capture the reader’s attention and explain why you decided on that specific topic. There are several ways the thesis can be presented. The common thesis statement is;

  1. The reason for writing this essay.
  2. The importance of the topic.
  3. How you intend to answer the essay question.


This is mainly the opening paragraph of your essay. It is the most challenging section since most people tend to lose interest in the body. A good thesis statement should be 2 to 3 sentences. You can include as many details as possible. Make sure you provide a thesis statement that is clear and it is followed by a thesis statement.

Mla essay style

In this section, you have to provide an Mla summarizing the entire essay. The style has to be uniform throughout the essay. The paragraph should start with a topic sentence, end with a thesis statement. Include as many details as possible. You should quote a preferred author in your essay. Remember, you college essay papers are not targeting someone directly. Instead, you are writing a critique of their work. Therefore, please keep the details of the paper confidential.

The body

The body gives your essay some structure. It consists of three major parts:

  1. The introduction
  2. Body paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

Writing the Conclusion

Here, you summarize the main points from your essay. It should be a summary of your key points. You can include a call to action to help the reader understand what the essay is all about. Avoid starting a new topic in your conclusion paragraph. It is always advisable to place at least one key point in a paragraph. Start with the most vital points. Also, include your thesis statement. The conclusion is a summary of all your key points discussed in the essay.

Writing the References

The last part of the essay is providing the references. Follow the formatting style as instructed. You may have to add the extra page numbers depending on the instructions. Write the sources using the formatting style provided by your tutor. Then click the edit button.